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For more than 80 years, Long Island Beauty School has prepared students for the challenges and rewards found only in the beauty industry.

Our talented staff provides training and mentorship to help each student achieve their success story – their career goals.

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Whether you want to work for a large salon or start your own business, it all starts with a solid foundation of excellence in education and craft.

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Passionate about creating success stories

Hauppauge Beauty School

Hauppauge Campus

Programs offered:
Hairdressing & Cosmetology
Nail Specialty
Hempstead Beauty School

Hempstead Campus

Programs offered:
Hairdressing & Cosmetology

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Graduate Advice

Cynthia LaTorre

Do it. Don’t question it, don’t doubt yourself, don’t ask for other opinions, don’t make excuses, don’t hesitate, just make it happen.

Cynthia LaTorre

Yvonne Bray

Whatever you choose to do, if you have a passion for it, you can accomplish it. It’s NEVER too late!

Yvonne Bray

Miss Vivian

This is a career with many advantages that has been built up around the improvements of the human pattern.

Vivian Miranda Benitez

Attending beauty school is essential because there are always things you think you know until you see a proper and more effective way to master them. When you do what you love it will never feel like work!

Ashleigh Stewart

Rachel Lucia Bove Graduation

Enjoy every bit of it. Beauty school for me, especially this one, taught me real-life scenarios and was so careful and thoughtful with each and every one of their students.

Rachel Lucia Bove

Nicola Forbes Martin

Don’t stop learning, invest time and money to be sure that you are in sync with this ever-changing beauty business.

Nicola Forbes Martin