Have you always been interested in hair and beauty but never made the career leap to attend beauty school?

Now could be the perfect time.

Right now, there is an enormous need for beauty professionals. From hair stylists and makeup artists to lash professionals and nail technicians, the world needs more beauty experts.

Changing Careers Can Be Scary, But You Can Do It

Figuring out what career path to follow can be a challenge for a myriad of reasons. This is especially true if you’re already established in another career or if you haven’t been in the workforce for a while. Many individuals come to us worried they won’t be able to cut it in school, and later at work, because they’ve never had a professional job before or because they’ve been busy raising a family or doing something else for the last few years.

Whether you have apprehensions about your abilities, concerns about how you’ll pay for school, or worries about finding a job once you’ve graduated, remember this: If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

While we certainly understand that it can be scary to venture out in a new career — especially when it will require all-new training — it’s important to remember that following your dreams isn’t silly. And not only that, it can often be messy — full of false starts, delays, and other hiccups.

And that’s okay.

In fact, these struggles should be expected. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, after all.

In addition, it’s important to remember that changing careers to enter the beauty industry is a stable, viable decision. In other words, the beauty industry is a thriving industry. Salons and clients alike are constantly seeking new professionals. If you are able to finish your training — no matter how long it takes— and get licensed, you can be confident you’ll find a job after graduation.

There are limitless possibilities in this industry. You just have to reach out and grab what you’re after.

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