As much fun as you may be having in beauty school, you enrolled with an end goal in mind: find the job of your dreams. A common misconception of beauty school students is there’s no need to build a resume while in training. Getting a job post-beauty school is a lot less challenging if you’re actively networking and searching for opportunities to gain experience.

Look for School Sponsored Opportunities

Any reputable beauty school will know the importance of offering students hands-on experience. Depending on your level of training, you may be qualified to volunteer your services at a number of community events. Alongside your fellow students, you may be selected to work charity events and fashion shows. These events are the perfect place to get your name out there and make new contacts. For instance, if an attendee loves your work, share your info and she may turn into a future client.

Another way schools offer job assistance is during the time you spend in the student salon. The beauty school’s salon presents the perfect training opportunity to students who are still honing their crafts. The good news for you is that clients who visit beauty school salons aren’t likely to have a dedicated hairdresser or makeup artist that they use. If clients are pleased with the job you do, they may end up following you wherever you go. Salons searching for new hires will also be impressed that you have your own budding client list.

Remember to reach out to your beauty school’s career placement team. Staff can assist with not only helping you locate open positions, but also give you tips on how to build a better resume to stand out in a crowded market.

Working Overtime

Since beauty schools typically offer flexible schedules, use any free time you have to build your resume. You could work the front desk at a salon on weekends or evenings. Inquire about any assistant jobs within salons on your radar. Offer your beauty services for free or cheap to friends and family members who have an upcoming special event.

Take before and after photos of your makeover subjects and share your best work on social media. To gain traction online, develop a social media strategy. For instance, aim to share two posts daily on Instagram and add hashtags for any products used in the photo. Use good lighting and experiment with camera angles.

The Long Island Beauty School can help you build an impressive resume as you hone your technical skills in the field of hairdressing or cosmetology. Learn more about all we have to offer today!