If we have learned anything during 2020, it’s that we all need our professional hairstylists more than ever before. Men, in particular, felt the pain of not being able to get a fresh cut and a trim for several months during the quarantine.

Now, as salons begin to open up and the Long Island Beauty School starts to prepare safe ways to reopen, it’s time to look at the hair cuts for men that are trending.

Best Men’s Cuts for 2020

  • The Classic Side Part — The side part has long been one of the most popular hairstyles, and this classic trend is holding firm throughout 2020. It is ideal for men of any age and in any profession, and it’s easy to maintain.
  • The Disconnected Undercut — Have longer hair than normal as a result of the stay-at-home orders? The disconnected undercut is the perfect choice. This cut will easily transform your quarantine hair into a fresh style that will make a major statement.
  • The Buzz Cut — Anyone who wants to simplify life as much as possible can opt for the buzz cut. This simple, quick cut can be done on just about any hair type, and it is a refreshing cut for summer.

Grooming Products Your Dad Will Love for Father’s Day

Everyone needs to pamper themselves after the stress of enduring a pandemic. This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of grooming products. These are some of the top products to consider:

  • Grooming Kit — Shaving is more than just a part of a man’s daily routine. It’s a skin care ritual. A grooming kit will include luxurious products, such as shaving gel and aftershave, that will transform the daily shave into a spa-like experience.
  • Gel and Mousse — Guys are going to be going out and getting new hair cuts in droves, so they will need the best gel and mousse products available to maintain their new looks.
  • Beard Trimmer — Any dad who grew a quarantine beard may be opting to keep it as a permanent look. A beard trimmer is the perfect gift, as it will help them sculpt their new beard into something they can be proud of.

Things are starting to resume their new normal, and it is time to celebrate Father’s Day with a fresh haircut as well as some new styling products.

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