A lash extension specialist is a beauty professional who applies semi-permanent eyelash extensions onto the existing lash, providing clients with a natural, fuller look. This is a highly-specialized beauty career, and those who are interested in pursuing it should understand the steps that need to be taken in order to get a foot in the door.

How to Become a Lash Extension Specialist

  • Complete an educational beauty program.
    The most qualified lash extension specialists not only have training to complete these techniques, but they have a well-rounded understanding of the beauty industry. Completing a cosmetology program, such as the one offered by the Long Island Beauty School, allows an aspiring lash extension specialist to use their knowledge and skills to complement the service that they are providing to their clients.
  • Train to become a lash extension specialist.
    After completing a cosmetology program, an individual who wants to pursue a career as a lash extension specialist should then complete further hands-on training in this niche field. Many lash extension companies offer on-site training to those who are interested in this career path, but it’s imperative that students select a company that is well-respected in the industry. Reputable companies will provide extensive training that allows each student to perfect the art of applying lash extensions onto their clients. These training programs should emphasize the need to provide each client with customized results based on the client’s own needs and preferences.
  • Become licensed as a professional.
    The key to success in any beauty industry job is to become a licensed professional through the state. Lash extension specialists should make an effort to become licensed so that they can assure their clients that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to create the best look for them. Successfully completing a licensing exam proves that the lash extension specialist is qualified to provide this service to clients of all ages and backgrounds, and ensures that the specialist will have a rewarding career.

A trained and licensed lash extension specialist will be able to provide each individual client with the customized results that they deserve. At the Long Island Beauty School, we provide our students with a foundation in beauty that allows them to continue their training and pursue a career in any niche aspect of the industry. For more information on how we can help you kickstart your cosmetology career, contact us today.