While many believe that devoting 4 years to a bachelor’s degree is the only way to secure a rewarding career, this is a common misconception. Deciding not to follow the “traditional” college route does not mean you will not go on to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career. In fact, leading a fulfilling life is simply a matter of finding the career path that’s best suited for you and your needs—and a school that can support you. Now more than ever, people are deciding to follow their true interests and passions in their career choices. We see people entering industries like fashion, design, and beauty, where they can express their creativity and work with a purpose.

Interest over Expectations

Many people feel pressured to enroll in a “traditional” four-year college or university immediately following their high school graduation. Once enrolled, however, they begin to realize that their chosen area of study is one that does not interest them. It is counteractive to spend thousands of dollars, time, and energy to then spend most of your adulthood working a career you do not enjoy.

All these factors can result in burnout and demotivation, which can make it difficult to be hopeful about one’s future. Though trade schools are not deemed “traditional” they teach the same valuable courses, lessons, business skills, and experiences as colleges and universities.

Is Beauty School the Right Fit for You?

The good news is that if you’re struggling with the traditional college decision, it is never too late to find a career that you will truly love. In fact, many people who struggle with conventional college demands excel in more flexible forms of education like those administered in trade schools.

A beauty school like Long Island Beauty School (LIBS) offers both full- and part-time programs with daytime and evening classes to suit anyone’s schedule. We provide a balanced mix of classroom and hands-on training so you can feel confident in your craft upon completing your course of study.

Our Hairdressing & Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Specialist programs can be completed in a fraction of the time that it takes to obtain a traditional 4-year bachelor’s degree. You can receive the quality education you need to launch your career and have the experience to create your success! And, of course, less time in school means less money out of your own pocket.

Create Your Success Story!

If you’re ready to try an alternative to the conventional college experience and pursue a career that you’re truly passionate about, Long Island Beauty School is here to take the first step with you. Reach out today to learn more about how we’ve been helping students create success stories since 1941!