For hair stylists, an excellent way to increase clientele and income is to offer alternative hair. For all intents and purposes, most “alternative hair” includes wigs and extensions.

Offering wigs and extensions expands your list of services and can drive in business you wouldn’t otherwise be marketing to.

What’s the Difference Between Wigs and Extensions?

Both extensions and wigs are similar; however, they are used for different purposes.

First, wigs are coverings for the entire head and are often used on clients who are bald or balding for a variety of reasons. “Board-work” or the art of wig-making is a challenging trade that involves painstaking work in order to create life-like, natural-looking heads of hair.

There’s a lot that goes into both wig-making and the use of wigs on clients. Wigs may be made of real hair or synthetic hair. Or they may be made of both real and synthetic hair. A “remy” is a wig that is made of entirely human, virgin hair. It is called virgin hair because it has never been chemically treated. These are extremely expensive.

Extensions, by contrast, or only small bundles of hair. These are for clients who are looking to add some length to their current hair — often for aesthetic purposes. These are generally made out of real human hair as well, although they can be found in synthetic and blended versions as well. There are several different ways to attach extensions in order to make them look natural.

Attend Advanced Education Workshops to Learn More

While wigs and extensions may not be taught in some traditional beauty programs, many schools — such as our own Long Island Beauty School — offer extension workshops where you can learn the art of wig making and how to add extensions.

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