Open any celebrity magazine and you’ll instantly spot the top names in Hollywood sporting their signature hair extension looks. Hair extensions add both length and fullness to clients’ current styles and can add serious cash to your bank account. By incorporating hair extensions into your service menu, you can easily see your daily revenue increase tenfold.

Hair Extensions

As part of your cosmetology license training, you will likely learn a few basics about hair extensions. However, advanced training sessions help fine tune your technique. Within a hair extension training session, you will learn everything you need to know to get started adding the service to your repertoire. Your training will cover the ins and outs of adding hair as a way to increase length, boost volume, or change color. Extensions are produced with human hairs or formed from synthetic fibers and stylists will learn how to handle both types.

Stylists who specialize in hair extensions must have the capability to assess a client’s hair and recommend the right type of extension. You also need to know when it is required to turn away a client who is looking for extension. Certain hair types like those that have been overprocessed should be repaired before extensions are put in. Down the road, once hair has been restored, you could have a future hair extensions client. Along with hair assessment skills, you must know how to secure extensions to a client’s hair with precision. Once hair extensions are attached, you must maintain them on a regular basis. Hair extensions typically need adjustments or reattachments in the following weeks after installation.

Getting training in a variety of hair extension installation techniques will only advance your resume. Popular hair extension methods include traditional weave, L.A. weave, pre-bonded keratin, nano rings, micro beads, micro wefts, and many others. Costs charged for each type of hair extension installation depends on the type of hair used and the length of the appointment. Follow-up maintenance appointments may need to be every one to three months depending on the type of hair extension method used.

Hair Extensions

The Long Island Beauty School prepares cosmetology students to remain competitive in the industry. Our school offers hair extension courses by expert instructors as a way to offer quick and affordable training to students. The next upcoming class will be held in December and led by a trusted authority on hair extensions, Angela with Angel Hair Extensions.