There are some people who are simply drawn to colors. They want to live in a house with walls that pop with vivid colors, and they want to have a wardrobe that consists of every hue in the rainbow. They are vibrant and vivacious, and they see the world in every shade that is available.

So it’s important that people who love color in this way have the opportunity to explore their passion through their career choices.

At Long Island Beauty School, we know that color can brighten up any day, which is why we spend our days playing with colors of all shades and varieties. Here are a few career choices that you should consider if you love color as much as we do:

Hair Stylist

Hairstylists are professionals who have the opportunity to work with color every day. Many people seek out the counsel of a hairstylist when they want to switch up their appearance or change the color of their hair. Traditionally, most people stuck with natural hair colors when it came to dying their hair, but now, many clients are requesting bright colors, pastel hues, and more for their hair color. There’s a lot of potential to play with unique and innovative hair colors when you work as a hairstylist.

Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, you have the ability to help a person become the best version of themselves by using colors that complement their natural features. You also have the opportunity to transform an individual into an animal or a different character, particularly if you work as a makeup artist in the film or theater industry. This job is as colorful as it comes.

Nail Technician

When you work as a nail technician, you can work closely with your clients to help them select a fun color for their nails that brings their personality to life. There’s a color for every season, and helping people choose that perfect nail color never gets dull.

You do not have to resign yourself to a job in which you are forced to deal with stale, drab and boring shades of gray and white all day long. If you love color, then you need to work in a career field in which color is truly appreciated and utilized every step of the way. A career in cosmetology may be the best choice for you.

For more information about beginning a colorful beauty career, contact Long Island Beauty School today.