The level of customer service you provide to each and every client can make or break your career. You may achieve the highest level of education possible in the field, but your expertise won’t matter if you’re not treating customers well. Abide by these five rules to provide top-notch customer service to your clients.

Make Each Client Feel Important

A key component of good customer service is to make each client feel valued. Greet all clients by name and remark how nice it is to see them today. You should also not shy away from acknowledging when things about your service don’t go right. Don’t be afraid to apologize for making a client wait. His or her time is just as valuable as your own time. Set aside your ego if something goes wrong during the appointment too. A client is likely to return if he or she hears that you’re sorry for the mishap.

Practice Good Communication

Take the time to chat with a client before his or her appointment. Ask clients to go into detail about what look they are trying to achieve. Encourage them to show you photos so you know exactly the type of style they want. Communication should continue throughout the appointment. Explain each step of the process as you perform each service on them.

Stay Organized

A messy work area is likely to be a turnoff to clients. Treatment areas littered with materials leftover from previous appointments can make a client feel as if the salon isn’t practicing good hygiene. Waiting areas and restrooms should also be cleaned and maintained to provide the best customer experience possible.

Be Approachable

Take the mantra “service with a smile” to heart. Smiling at another person is scientifically proven to improve mood and lower stress levels. Seeing a friendly face will make your client feel at ease. Maintain a friendly vibe throughout the appointment and offer thoughtful advice when asked. Know you salon’s products and be prepared to recommend ones that will work well for your clients.

Pay Close Attention to Details

Did you style the hair for a mother of the bride last month? Ask her how the wedding was at her next appointment. Was one of your clients expecting a baby? Request to see photos after the baby is born. Besides personal details, remember their service favorites. What colors do they prefer? What type of length do they normally request?

The Long Island Beauty School is here to not only teach you advanced technique, but how to also give every client five-star customer service.