Halloween 2022 is sure to be one for the record books. After two years of minimized celebrations and small gatherings with just a few friends, it’s time to bring back full-scale costume parties and Halloween events. Now is the time to start doing your research, and deciding on which costume and hairstyle to wear.

Here’s a look at the Halloween costume trends for this year, and the best hairstyles to go with them:

Costume Trend #1: Streaming Icons

Binge-watching has been the preferred pastime of 2022, which means that many of our favorite characters will serve as inspiration for our Halloween costumes. Whether you want to prepare yourself for the marriage market like the women of Bridgerton or you want to go as a full-scale faux heiress from Inventing Anna, you will find that it’s easy to find the right hairstyle to bring your costume to life. Some hairstyle trends for this year include:

  • Sweeping updo hairstyle to create those regal looks.
  • Bleach blonde hair with light beachy waves.

Costume Trend #2: Retro 90s Apparel

Everyone seems to be clamoring for the idyllic days of the 1990s, which is why 90s fashion is expected to be in full force on Halloween this year. You can achieve that authentic 90s look with the following hairstyles:

  • The ‘Rachel’ — the long-layered look that literally every woman had after watching Friends in the early 90s.
  • Any hairstyle that includes butterfly clips, scrunchies and the claw clip.

Costume Trend #3: Classic Costumes with a Twist

Nostalgia will reign supreme during the spooky season this year, with many people opting to put their own twist on those classic costumes. Witches, vampires, ghosts, goblins and pumpkins will be popular choices among adults, and these hairstyle trends will help you pull off a look that allows you to add your own personality to a tried-and-true tradition:

  • Bright, colorful highlights that make your witch costume appear enchanting.
  • Bubble ponytails with accessories, such as spider rings or skeleton heads, that add a surprising touch to your vampire costume.

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